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Offers of the month | March 2018

Primitive pot sorted by color

  • 11,5cm, 14pcs/Tr, only 0,52€/pc

Orchid pot

  • lilac/purple/panna luster
  • bamboo/reed green/panna gloss
  • 14cm, 12pcs/box, only 1,16€/pc

Malta to hang

  • blackberry, anthracite, green
  • 24cm, 6pcs/Pk, only 1,40€/pc

Schale Tekucotta

  • pink, lila, green
  • 23cm; 6pcs/Pk, only 0,59€/pc

Ladybird at the bar

  • 3,5/20cm; 72St/Box, only 0,16€/pc

Bridy heart open

  • 21cm; 4pcs/Pk, only 1,99€/pc

Glass vase Jolo, clear

  • 25x19cm; 4pcs/Kt, only 4,99€/pc

Quail eggs, nature

  • 120pcs/Bx, only 0,06€/pc

Table shell Premium, white

  • 12cm llong; 12pcs/Kt, only 0,69€/pc

Hanger basket Moos S/2 oval

  • 25x19x12,5/25,5, 30x22x15/30cm, 4Se/Pk, only 4,99€/SE

The offer is good while supplies last.
Change without notice. Valid from 01/03/2019 - 31/03/2019.