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Offers of the month | January 2018

Bread basket oval, natural

  • 20x13x9cm, 10St/Box, only 0,69€/piece
  • 25x14x9cm, 10St/Box, only 0,89€/piece
  • 30x14x9cm, 10St/Box, only 1,05€/piece

Pot tape

  • old pink, pink, white-reddish
  • 15cmx5m, only 4,99€/Ro
  • two-tone green, 15cmx5m, only 5,99€/Ro

Wooden butterflies 4 models

  • sorted by color
  • 7,5/22cm, 48St/Box, only 0,33€/piece

Glass box, clear

  • 7,5cm, 48St/Kt, only 0,35€/piece
  • 10cm, 24St/Kt, only 0,70€/piece
  • 12cm, 12St/Kt, only 1,15€/piece

Glass round honeycomb, clear

  • 9,5x8cm, 36St/Kt, only 0,42€/piece
  • 13x9,5cm, 24St/Kt, only 0,79€/piece

Paper Woody, pink

  • 50cm, 6Kg/Ro, only 1,99€/KG
  • 75cm, 6Kg/Ro, only 1,99€/KG

Paper wire

  • white, nature
  • 2mmx100m, 2Ro/Box, only 3,89€/Ro

Glass vase Julia, clear

  • 20x14cm, 6St/Kt, only 1,99€/piece

Glass vase Joost, clear

  • 20x14cm, 6St/Kt, only 1,99€/piece

Glass vase Marian, clear

  • 25cm, 6St/Kt, only 2,49€/piece

The offer is good while supplies last.
Change without notice. Valid from 01/01/2019 - 31/01/2019.